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Quantum Healing Sessions are a blend of Integrative Quantum Healing (IQH) and Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) modalities which facilitate deep transformation of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies within the quantum field. You don’t need to have any spiritual or religious beliefs. The only requirement is an open heart and mind because the possibilities are abundant within the Quantum field with the Heart and Mind connection.

Quantum Healing Sessions is an interactive consciousness exploration, with a guide journeying with you to connect you to your highest wisdom for clarification, confirmation and co-creation. During our first session we will discuss what is most appropriate for your needs according to your current concerns and determine what is in your highest good for all to experience to co-create with your Greater Self. I am a certified Integrative Quantum Healing and Beyond Quantum Healing practitioner, facilitating sessions since 2020.

Quantum Healing Session is for those who are:
  • on their spiritual awakening
  • in a transitional period in their life needing clarification of their direction
  • questioning their life purpose
  • desiring to connect to their Higher Self and or higher beings
  • questioning their soul contracts
  • discovering who they are from their Soul essence
  • desiring a Higher perspective in their lives
  • desiring a deeper Inner/UnderStanding of themselves

Although, Quantum Healing is an inclusive modality where it is intended to serve all of humanity to raise the frequency on Earth at this time of history. There are exceptions where it would not be within the scope of practice. It is best to refer to your nearest mental health and medical professional for services. Quantum Healing sessions is NOT for those who have:

  • a schizophrenic diagnosis
  • a dissociative personality
  • a history of severe trauma
  • ritualistic abuse
  • multiple personality disorder
  • extreme PTSD

Integrative Quantum Healing (IQH) is a humanistic approach using quantum hypnosis for the shifting of the individual into higher consciousness; connecting higher dimensional teaching by your Higher Self, ascension masters, light counsels, and galactic healers.  Creating energy healing by combining quantum healing hypnosis, fifth dimensional psychology, galactic expansion and healing, conscious soul coaching, and more.

I developed this method over twenty years and it continues to evolve and expand. I combined my earthly learning of psychology, hypnosis, energy healing, and coaching. along with the higher dimensional teaching and intuition taught by ascension masters, light councils.” Harry Kroner, Creator of Integrative Quantum Healing

IQH is a comprehensive modality facilitating connection, activation, upgrades, and empowerment of :

  • Accessing Akashic Records
  • Alternate Realities
  • Past Lives
  • Future Lives
  • Higher guidance of Greater Self & spirit guides
  • Quantum hypnosis to higher dimensions (light beings, angels, ascended masters) and your multidimensional aspects
  • Galactic expansion within healing chamber for galactic gifts , skills and abilities
  • Healing with specific beings: Arcturians, Dragons, arc-Angels, mantids etc.
  • DNA, Crystalline body structure and building
  • Energy healing by psychic surgery
  • Healing root causes & neutralizing energy of emotions
  • Inner Child Work
  • Cycle of Forgiveness
  • Clearing attachments and entities
  • Shifting of negative patterns & building new habits

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a heart and intention based modality, focused on the metaphysical and spiritual elements of consciousness exploration. A pathway to your own inner journey in an expanded state for consciousness to discover the multidimensional aspects of who you are. Within this state, you embrace alternate realities, past / future lives, subconscious, Higher Self, and or Soul Origin for profound healing or accessing higher wisdom.

Ultimately, the intention is to connect you to your multidimensional aspects of yourself for confirmations, clarification and a deeper understanding of your current life. It was created for those who wanted to go beyond the confines of strict modalities and experiences that require adherence to specific principles and scripts. Without limitations, your Beyond Quantum session can be customized with other modalities, skills and gifts to best fit your needs during your quantum experience.

“While BQH uses elements of what many terms as “hypnosis,” to explore consciousness it is NOT a conventional or traditional hypnosis itself.” Candace Craw-Goldman, Creator of Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing clients have experienced:

  • Connection of Higher Self
  • Past Lives
  • Future Lives
  • Parallel Lives
  • Extra- Terrestrial Lives
  • Soul Origin
  • Cellular Lives