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“Our Journey through life is our own experience. We are here to explore, and expand with every life’s challenging experiences.  I Invite you to take your journey with me as your guide.”



I am Gerolyne Bronte, a quantum healing and bodywork practitioner. With every Quantum Session clients have profound and transformative experiences. They receive healing messages and access information to their life’s questions and obstacles by connecting to their Greater Self. This self healing modality is geared towards those who are open minded and heart centered seeking inner wisdom.

Are you ready to experience a unique inner journey of exploration to expand your consciousness? I invite you through this unique journey with me as your guide.

My intention is to CONNECT you to the voice within, your Greater Self or Higher Self that bestows the highest wisdom. With wisdom comes CLARITY, with clarity you CO-CREATE the life you are meant to live.

You don’t have to stay stuck on your path of limiting beliefs or be hijacked by your circumstances. By taking the best and worst of your journey as an EXPERIENCE with an EXPLORATORY approach you can EXPAND your Soul’s journey toward higher consciousness.

My spiritual journey was re-ignited in 2003 and by 2006 experiencing my dark night of the soul. All I knew I had to go. But go where? This intense inner feeling for change could not be ignored much longer. 

Within this initiation of the Soul, I was left homeless, lost and confused. I had no choice but to question my life and its direction. Not until, I was alone with my life unrecognizable to me, was I able to see my life was in need of balance and clarity. 

It was time to go on another journey… Soul journey… to reconnect within for clarity. Reconnecting to the inner part of me that holds divine wisdom was the path to finding myself again. Connectivity to my Greater Self has been my life’s mission. You might ask, “Aren’t we always connected to our Higher Self.”  Yes, but are we listening when its voice communicates within us. Not always.

Throughout my life I’ve used the elements of alchemy to manifest and transfer them through different industries in the physical world. Ultimately, being guided to health care in the wellness industry teaching how energy yolks the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual body. As with symbolism, my life has come full circle with the connectivity of my Greater Self. Going back to self-love with my practice of meditation, yoga, art and hypnosis as part of my continuous exploration of this journey called Life.  

I’ve approached my life’s journey as an exploratory experience and expansion of my consciousness and still doing so layer by layer… 

 I’m ready to share with you within my offerings as a guide through your exploration of higher consciousness. I invite you to CONNECT to your Higher Self for CLARITY while CO-CREATING the life you came here to live as I guide you through this process called AWAKENING.



My holistic journey has brought me an understanding of compassion, forgiveness, detachment, and discipline. My ultimate goal focuses on sharing my passions. By living passionately inner peace and true freedom are revealed and achieved.

Interestingly, I draw from my vast background in the corporate world as well as spiritual practices. Throughout my career I have worked as a Regional Manager for retail companies, a surgical dental assistant in dental implants, and as the clinical coordinator for NYU School of Dentistry. Moreover, while working as a fifth grade teacher in Broward County Florida, I began to pursue massage and yoga more seriously.

I’ve been Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork since 2006 and a licensed massage therapist since 2007. I continue to broaden my knowledge of alternative living by receiving certifications in different modalities including Integrative Quantum Method, Beyond Quantum Healing, Swedish Massage, Bonnie Pruden’s Trigger Point Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Therapy, Tai Massage, and Prenatal Massage. This eclectic mix of modalities has allowed me to explore several areas within the massage field. These experiences include but not limited to working at a physiotherapist’s office, chiropractor’s office, pain rehabilitation clinics, Orlando Walt Disney’s Mandara Spa & Resort Hotel, and Massage Envy – a leading franchise corporation. During my time with Massage Envy,  achieving the award of Massage Therapist of Year in 2009 and with Hand & Stone Spa being their lead massage therapist all the while maintaining my own private practice.

Retrospectively,  alternative living for me began with yoga in 1984,  later embracing Bikram Yoga in 1998 and now sharing my passion for exploring higher consciousness. I continue to study, learn and embody these practices with certifications blending them in my offerings of Quantum Healing Sessions, Bodywork and Energy Sessions.

Ultimately, my loyal clientele ranging from tri-athletes to overworked mothers benefit from my fusion of diverse skills and customized sessions. Open minded and heart centered individuals who are ready to explore their inner landscape benefit the most from Quantum Sessions.

With consideration to providing service to humanity, I am certified in many healing modalities including but not limited to the following. 


Integrative Quantum Method 

Beyond Quantum Healing 

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business – Human Resources Specialization 

Usui Reiki Master 

PreNatal Yoga Teacher 

200 RYT Yoga Teacher 

Therapeutic Massage Bodyworker