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Preparing for a Quantum Healing session does not require much of you … other than an open mind and heart everything else is being taken care of from the Universe and your Greater / Higher  Self.

However, you want to come into the session with the highest vibrational frequency to meet your Greater / Higher Self and Guides. To do that, you will want to best prepare yourself to get the most valuable experience for your session.  I have provided a guideline to follow for your most valuable experience.

After booking your session you will want to:

  • Spend time in nature and or meditation. There are many guided meditations on YouTube videos that you may resonant with, if not I will provide one for you.
  • Being more mindful of your dreams (it’s common for the Higher Self to communicate in dream state)
  • Journaling your dreams, thoughts, ideas, and synchronicities occurring in your life.
  • Start a Grateful Journal (if not doing now). All the reasons you’re grateful about your life.

Night before your session you will want to:

  • Refrain from any recreational drugs or alcohol. A session will not be conducted if the client is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substances that alter their state of awareness.
  • Do not take any pills to relax you. This may affect the quality of the session.
  • Do activities that bring you most joy and relaxation. ie reading, mediation, listening to relaxing music.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

Day of Session:

  • Limit caffeine to just have one cup. The intention is to go into the session relaxed.
  • Hydrate with water instead of caffeinated drink.
  • Eat a light meal and have a snack ready for the after session.
  • Come to the session dressed in loose comfortable clothes and have a blanket on your person.
  • Have arrangements already made to have 2-3 uninterrupted hours.
  • Have working internet connection and equipment is powered into the outlet.
  • Have headphones with cord (no Bluetooth).
  • Have your list of questions to your Higher Self if not already emailed to the practitioner.
  • Schedule the rest of your day so that after the session you won’t have activities that will require a lot of concentration or physical hard work.
  •  After the session, you will be emailed a link to your recorded audio session to integrate further of your messages and self healing with every listening thereafter.

For about three days after the session the connection to your Higher Self will remain open so pay attention to your dreams because your Higher Self will find it easier to communicate with you through dreams. Sometimes it can take some time to process everything that has happened during a session, especially when many meaningful things can happen in such a short period of time. Pay attention because important information may be coming through to you when you least expect it and you don’t want to miss it! Since the vibration of your Higher Self will also be recorded, you will continue to receive insight and self-healing any time you listen to the recording of your session.