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The Session: Quantum Healing sessions are facilitated in-person and remotely via Zoom software.

In-Person Sessions: Sessions are facilitated in Central Florida, USA. Unfortunately, they are NOT being offered at this time.

Remote Sessions: Sessions facilitated remotely are just as effective as in-person sessions. Some would say they prefer remote sessions for the convenience of having it at home without having to drive their vehicle.


Quantum Healing sessions are a multi-process where you have a pre-session and the session.



  • One hour interview to build rapport by which the client meets the practitioner and shares pertinent life story topics that will be relevant for setting the intention of the sessions. As well as establishing some questions for the Greater Self/ Subconscious/ Guides.
  • At this time, the client will be emailed a Client Packet that will be emailed back to the practitioner which includes the clients specific life topics and questions to ask the Greater / Higher Self during the sessions.
  • The client will receive a guided meditation to raise their frequency as this helps better connect with their Greater Self and Guides at the time of their session.
During the Session
  • Approximately 1.5 – 2 hours
  • The practitioner and client will review what was discussed in the pre-session, verify the intentions for the session, and review the questions wanting to ask the Higher Self / Subconscious.
  • The client will be guided into a deep relaxed state by meditative and theta methods to Journey through images and/ or  feelings which are communicated by the subconscious who partners with their Greater Self. The Greater Self will always provide an experience which are for your highest good and for the expansion of the client’s consciousness . Clients may journey to past lives, future lives, parallel lives or spiritual realms, any experience that holds appropriate healing elements for expansion of their consciousness.
  • When the client is at their deepest state, the practitioner will call forth their Greater Self for a dialogue of reasons why the client experienced specific images and feelings and the correlation to their questions and topic relating to the client’s current life.
  • At this time their Greater Self, if appropriate will scan the body for a balancing and alignment of energies for healing.
  • Once the Greater Self has answered all questions and expressed messages to the client, the practitioner will gently guide the client back to full awareness.
After the Session
  • Approximately 15-20 minutes
  • At this time the client and practitioner will recap the experience for further integration of the experience.
  • The client will then be emailed an audio of the session’s journey and message from their Higher/ Greater Self to listen to as a meditation to further integrate.
  • As time goes on, clients find themselves no longer having the same imbalances and are more energetically aligned with themselves.