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“Just what my soul needed. When looking over Gerolyne’s profile/pic, I just got a good vibe and decided to reach out 🙂 That’s how I do most things.....divinely led! I’ve taken QHHT right before COVID wanting to explore becoming a practitioner, but that got put on the back burner. Ever since I have been wanting to experience Quantum Healing for myself. I recently started having conversations with my higher self, but wanted to experience guidance through this modality out of curiosity and for confirmation. I went to a few scenes during my session and am still integrating at the moment, but I think a part of me is still with doubt. My messages were powerful and just what I needed to hear/know, but I’m still holding on to the desire that I wouldn’t remember anything during the session. It was magical, powerful, and I would do it again and again.    ~ VH from California, USA

VH from California, USA

“A healing and eye-opening BQH journey with Gerolyne. My BQH session guided by Gerolyne served as an important confirmation in my current life journey.

She guided me through important lifetimes that were aligned with my intention for the session, and powerful healing took place naturally.

Gerolyne was so present for me and held space for me when I had emotional releases, allowing me to process them naturally. Through her questions and guidance, she helped bring attention to aspects within myself that I had not paid attention to. I was able to feel more confident with my own intuitive knowing, inner-guidance, and flow with what unfolded in the session. Thank you, Gerolyne 🙂 “        ~ J.Faith from Pennsylvania, USA

J.Faith from Pennsylvania, USA

“Not the Same. I had an amazing session with Gerolyne. She took her time to get to know me and very interested in what I have to say. She is attuned to my energy. She is soft spoken, humorous and attentive. I was centered throughout the whole session. I got a lot from just one session with her. I am profoundly touched in the session. I highly recommend her, if you are searching and looking to have an amazing session look no further.”   ~ Rachel from California, USA

Rachel from California, USA

“What a wonderful experience. Gerolyne has a very lovely and soothing voice. I was a little surprised at how quickly and decisively I moved through the guided meditation. I would highly recommend her if you are having a BQH session for the first time. “             ~Pamela Parks from Tennesse, USA

Pamela Parks from Tennesse, USA

“BQH Session with Gerolyn. I had a wonderful BQH Session with Gerolyne. She has a beautiful voice that was very calming and soothing during my session. We worked to clear some blocks and I received quite a bit of healing energy. I could feel waves of energy moving from my head to my toes during the session and I know my team of guides were working to assist in clearing my energy field. I highly recommend Gerolyne, she is such a lovely person.” ~ Heather Hink from Tennessee, USA

Heather Hink from Tennessee, USA

“I am so glad I went with my instinct and choose Gerolyne for my first ever session. I had a lot of questions beforehand and Gerolyne was available to answer them all and to converse with me until I had no more. During the session I felt ease and trust. Gerolyne is a kind and firm guide, perfect for safe exploration. I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed.”     ~ Marta from Amsterdam, Europe

Marta from Amsterdam, Europe

“Incredible Session. My session with Gerolyne was phenomenal. She guided me through my journey with expertise, compassion and a sense of lightness. I received a great deal of information from this session and Gerolyne was instrumental in extracting that information. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an in-depth session.  Thank you Gerolyne.”  ~ Devialini Agheda-De Souza from South Africa

Devialini Agheda-De Souza

“Warm and welcoming! Gerolyne's energy is amazing, and she has such ease and grace.. so patient with me. She is most certainly embodying the shaman/ medicine woman essence,; wise beyond her years. The session itself was phenomenal and very revelatory. I would definitely do it again! Xx “ ~ Tara from NJ, USA

Tara from NJ, USA
"What an amazing session!!
My session with Gerolyne absolutely exceeded my expectations! Not only did I receive the answers to all my questions, but she guided me so perfectly from scene to scene. I've never felt so much energy in my body♥ The healing I received was so profound, she even found an attachment that was not found in previous sessions I have had. I would definitely recommend Gerolyne if you are looking for a practitioner who really listens to your needs, and is completely heart focused!" ~Sara from Montana, USA
Sara from Montana, USA